The world as we see it? (2010)

Curated by vhgomez
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The media of the world that we have come to know today stresses greatly on the lives of others. Whether it is the lives of celebrities in gossip websites or the lives of our acquaintances on facebook and twitter. Not only are people allowed to create their own identities on these networks but also they have access to post comments and blogs of whatever persona they wish to carry. It almost seems as if the world today is constantly obsessed with what goes on in the lives of others as supposed to living life in the moment, here and now. Of all this popularity of interest has sprung a new form of art media. A media of creating somewhat of a world for the viewer and guding them in whichever way deemed necessary.Through this art viewers are not allowed to be themselves they must take on this "world" that has been set up for them. I have developed an interest in this new art form and therefore decided to create my exhibition along those lines of seeing new media art through the eyes of a third party. So as to say artwork that is not just between the viewer and the piece of art in question but artwork that has been already given a designated path by the artist. What mainly sparked this intrest was the relevence of this idea to our class. With new media interactions such as second life and the google nine eyes we are able to see the world as others percieve it. With second life people set up their own reality and all the players interact in these differnt worlds available. Most people argue this is an art form in the sense of the avatars people create and the intensity of the worlds. With the google nine eye camera we are able to use these images presented to us from locations all over the world and interpret them as art. In other words depending on how you look at it only so much is left up to the viewers interpretation. Most of these artworks are desinged specifically for the viewer to interpret the art throught the eyes of another.

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