The Cross Over (2010)

Curated by katkinso
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All of these particular art installations require some form of digital media to be successful. How ever, they exist beyond the confines of digital media, but the media in itself gives the art a new meaning. These artworks are composed of real life: pieces that are from real times and real people. Most of these particular pieces would fall in the "new media" corner of the "Greimasian Semiotic Square" which is a new way to view any form of art involving either new media or social networks which most of these pieces do. The semiotic square was invented by semiotician A.J. Greimas, and it is a visual way of representing all possible relationships about art and production. Before the era of digital media all of these performances still could have taken place, but because of technology we are able to convert them into something omniscient and powerful.

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