Visions of Our Dream (2005)

Curated by Jeff Maker
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The human mind is a place where the most innovative things are invented and where the simplest action such as a smile can be done. There is a realm of our minds where there are no rules and no limits to what we can do. No limitations that reality can enforce; the realm of our dreams. What exactly happens in our minds when our eyes close at night? The pieces of in my exhibition all touch on that very concept of dreams, nightmares, and the limitless abilities in them. Dreams are windows into a world beyond our grasp. Dreams are all around us. From the movies we watch, to the keypad I'm typing on, to the cars we drive to taking flight in the sky. The images in our dreams also help us to create art that no conscious mind could think up. Whether our minds "dream up" a great piece of or a dream we have inspires, our minds, whether awake or asleep, are a vast field of images or memories that our mind triggers before it begins its dream sequence. It is an endless world; a world much like the internet. One image or event leading to another, all combined in the grid in our minds. We sometimes many have trouble joining the real and the imaginary, but through we can create it and bring it to life. Now if we could just bring a computer into our dreams and take notes or pictures of what we see, now THAT would be an incredible piece of

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