20C Project (2010)

Curated by cquintan
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For my exhibit, I'm interested in the concept of the database and what one can make from it. These five works have each collected media and structured them in separate ways that have created distinct messages. "Personas" is based on individual experiences and reflections about digital media. "grid-imagespam" is a video created from a database of image spam, commenting on the overload of advertising spam we are faced with on a daily basis. "Cinematic Particles" uses a database of film subtitles to creat beautiful and unique drawings that visualizes the movement of language in film. "Man with a Movie Camera: the Global Remake" is an invitation for people worldwide to submit into a database their own interpretations of the original film, creating unique experiences for everyone participating. Finally, "ascii bush" is more of a political commentary than the previous works. This project pulls from a database of two presidential speeches and creates aesthetically-pleasing art along with the audio of the speeches themselves. These five works have taken Lev Manovich's concept of the database and expressed very different meanings, but all relating to society and human experiences.

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