In the Abyss (2010)

Curated by ividrio1
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Borges ideology is philosophical, abstract, and non-linear. Unlike Bush his ideology is very logical and linear. Bush’s ideology is to the point because he is a scientist. All of the artworks within my exhibit demonstrate the excellent uses of space, time, sound, light, color, size, path, and shapes. The artworks within my exhibit are very abstract and surreal, evoking different emotions and different types of appeal to its audience. Borges’ “Garden of Forking Paths” is an example of non-linearity because it allows its audience to get lost in its labyrinth, not letting its audience find its way out. All of the artworks within my exhibit display infinite possibilities and non-linearity. Because of the advanced new media, digitalization, and technologies within these artworks each choice that the audience makes will lead to infinite possibilities; and everything is infinitely ongoing. The Kalh Orexh by Aron Soomer demonstrates Borges ideology of infinite possibilities. This artwork has a lot of different shapes moving in time. The shift of the various shapes creates a fascinating image and illusion of fluidity. This is a perfect example of McCloud’s ideology of different passing of time. The Deus Digitalis by Hans Verhaegen shows colorful little people in the form of geometrical shapes within a square. Bill Viola relates data space to non-linearity, and the Deus Digitalis is an excellent example of space related to non-linearity. The pathway the audience takes leads to infinite possibilities. As the audience we become drawn and very engaged with the Enigmatica by Kit Webster, almost becoming hypnotized. The size, sounds, shapes, colors, light, and path of this artwork leads its audience to believe in infinite possibilities, through the ongoing movement. The Breath, Crack & Peel by Trip Dixon is very abstract. It creates a beautiful illusion utilizing the elements of space and instrumentally unique sounds. The artwork is very appealing because it is so surreal. Another surreal artwork is the Mark Napier - Arsenal of Entropy by Karin Jervert. This artwork is a great example of a pathway leading to infinite possibilities with very interesting colors and unique sounds. The IPicons by Aaron Siegel has extremely intriguing shapes represented by patterns within a square you click on, then representing different locations, which is a superb example of space. The Enigmatica and the Mark Napier - Arsenal of Entropy are both great examples of “Soft Cinema” as described by Lev Manovich. Both of these artworks are non-linear like all the other artworks, and as the audience we can choose a path to navigate through. Personally, I am a huge fan of abstract and contemporary art. I am a dreamer; therefore, I have a passion for surrealism artwork and new digital media. I feel like art is any form of expression of the aesthetic principle of what is appealing to someone in a captivating way, evoking emotions and a genuine appreciation and interest for the artwork. All of the artworks within my exhibit demonstrate various aspects of Borges’ ideology for example: non-linearity, uncontrollable, never ending pathways, etc. Because of the advanced new media, digitalization, and technologies within all of these artworks each choice the audience makes leads to infinite possibilities.

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