Space and Time Distortions (2010)

Curated by Josh McNally
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This exhibit is a collective representation of how digital media allows us to manipulate and distort time and space, or at least how we perceive time and space when viewing that media. Digital media has allowed us to create virtual realities, within which we can experience aspects of reality in unreal ways. We are constantly experimenting with how we interact with media and what we perceive in doing so. This is very relative to Scott McCloud’s ideas of how a viewer perceives time and space when viewing media. McCloud finds it important to recognize that time and space are closely linked when being perceived by a viewer. This is because reality compels us to make the connection between the two in order to perceive in that dimension. Most of the artwork in this exhibit distorts and/or dictates the viewer’s perception of time and space through use of film and cinematic techniques. Will Luers’ work The Walking Man can be a little overwhelming to the viewer because space and time are not parallel so the viewer experiences time and space in an unreal way. One of the most interesting works is Rift, by Eric Socolofsky, Scott Fitzgerald, and Doron Altaratz. Rift is unique because it gives the viewer a very interactive experience with time distortment. The level of interaction with digital media can really determine the viewer’s perceptive experience of it. New media will continue developing in light of this.

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