Cyber Pain (2011)

Curated by Jessica Jones
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The internet is promoted as a positive source to communicate with others including potential employers or distant cousins, post and share web files, photos, and videos, etc. The computer screen, the keyboard, and the mouse all work as one to allow the expression of the user to be shown. Whatever appears on the screen represents the user and then shared with the general public. The simplicity of the internet creates a limitless atmosphere, and with this freedom, the above examples can expressed displaying different emotions about the author which can be displayed visually to others. Through emotional expression, the following art pieces represent how annoyances that take place in private areas can be expressed visually and shared through the internet. Foot Tap Amplifier consists a leg brace, a chisel, and concrete. When attached, the leg brace measures the movement of the person's leg (i.e. restless leg syndrome)and sends that information to the chisel which starts to hack away at the concrete. The Sigh Collector is the same concept except different tools. With a strap to fit around the chest and a empty ball, the chest movements collected from the sighs are sent to the pump the ball with air. Pacing Track records the pacer by allowing him/her to walk on a wooden track while their strides are measured by yarn which is hung on the wall. These pieces share not only the same artist but the theme of common expressions of irritation and "discontent" through visual aids that make these simple occurrences seen in a different view and measured in terms of simple experiments. The dislike button, in response to the like button from Facebook, is a visual aid that shows annoyance and irritation to updates, artists, tv shows, etc. that someone may either dislike or hate in a simple form of expression by just the click of a button. BCC contains different posts, emails, etc from internet users and has underlying themes of their discontent and loneliness which is expressed through disturbing images that causes the viewer to feel the same discomfort.

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