Virtual vs Reality (2010)

Curated by matt reed
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In this day and age people are so disconnected from the physical world. We almost have no need to venture out into the reality. We can buy whatever we need and want and act out any identity we choose. The web is where modern people spend most of their time. Whatever happened to experiencing things for ourselves in the real world? It seems as if people are losing interest in the natural world and giving more time and thought into the technological world. That this fake world (ex. WWW) has profound influences in our lives, not only with the way we access information but the way we engage physical reality. Jon Rafman said in our FDM 20c lecture that sometimes virtual reality (Second Life) can seem more real than regular reality because people are free to act without outside factors (societal norms, history and culture) influencing them. That they are free to do whatever they want and this is more real because there are no inhibitions. Also that online information is thought to be more credible than others. People are now educated by the virtual world about the real world, and as a result there is a growing disconnect with the real world and the importance of physically experiencing something. Drawing on my own life I think it's relevant to mention that the only interaction I have with old hometown friends is through skype and the only time they have for me is when they are checking their myfaces and can also skype.

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