Identity at a Glance (2005)

Curated by Dan Zinchuk
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When discussing the Internet there is one term that is a constant, and this is Identity. Identity has been there since the start of the Internet. From chat rooms to personal web sites, identity is always present. People are always expressing or changing their identities with the use of the Internet. When people go into chat rooms they assume an identity. They may make up an entirely different personality or use their own. Whatever they do they are expressing themselves and creating an online identity. Identity is also very prevalent outside of the Internet. People have been taking pills to alter their selves even before the Internet started. They take the pills because they don’t like how they appear to themselves. It may not change their identity on the outside but it puts the person in a different mindset. Identities come from many different things in peoples lives. From where they live or come from to society and advertising to pills and other mind altering substances. I have selected some examples of art from this site that deal with identities and where people get them.

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