Phone Media (2011)

Curated by zrich
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The new era of media art has included many everyday objects. One that I find the most experimental yet one of the most interesting is the use of cell phones in filmmaking and digital media.These five works each show an example on how the everyday cellphone can be reached by the film medium. The cell phone has an interesting aspect to it and gives off a more social, connected environment. I believe that because most people today own a cell phone that is capable of showing videos, using this as a digital project is a very good idea. It is so simple to do and doesn't require a lot of work. Just by using the technology in the phone, for example, if one were to scan a barcode in a magazine or exhibition, they would be sent a video to the phone. The cell phones are also turned into mini movie-making studios as an app (ex. Self Cinema). The videos made are specifically put into a phone aspect to make them as visually appealing as possible (Edison Mobile Remake). They have also found a way to use audio story telling ([murmur]) to connect with people and the place that they are at that moment. Cell phones have also connected in many new ways. By speaking on the phone we are someone else and intrude into other peoples' spaces (Disembodied Voices Installation). Another project includes everyone in their work and they must choose how they interact with it. Mobile Mysteries is a wireless, interactive murder mystery role-playing game, whereby players receive clues and instructions via text on their cell phone. This again connects people in new ways and ideas. This new cell phone medium has many great possibilities and these five projects show some great ideas that can come from an everyday object. Hopefully this new medium will continue because I do feel that cellphones are part of our lives and we should use them in every way that is possible.

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