Muzac Factory (2011)

Curated by Joshua_UCSC
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This Exhibition is a presentation of just a few ways a person can interact with sound, whether the sounds be predefined or not, to create music. 2-Dimensional Audio provides a created song in which the user can then mix the sounds to there desires to create their own interpretation of the sounds they are hearing. Bacterial Orchestra uses advanced recording software combined with a computer mixing algorithm to combine the sounds that it has recorded an produce a musical output. Repercussion provides a simple interface to making basic percussion beats accompanied with a melody in a web-based interface Looptracks provides a web based interface that allows the user to pic and choose from the interface what the musical layers will do next, thereby creating an experience unique to the individual The midigun is a physical mixing tool in the shape of the gun. It is used as a controller for midi sounds and tells the computer when and how to play a particular sound designated by the user. Each work has its own unique way of accomplishing this ranging from internet and mouse based interactions as in 2D audio Mixer, Looptracks or Repercussion, to the actual use of physical hardware like the midiGun and the equipment used in Bacterial Orchestra.

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