Touch is Real. Digital is here. (2011)

Curated by toddo555
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What is an art exhibit but a brief moment of preservation and exhibition flaunting a moment before destruction and desolation. The classics are DEAD. Theatre, sculpture, frescos, symphonies, bronze. DEAD. Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keefe, Frida Kahlo DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. THIS IS THE ERA OF THE CLOUD. ALIVE is the digit. The combination of digits to create the image. ALIVE!!!! The paint on the walls begin to crumble as the mighty brush of the keyboard, the chisel of the mouse, and the canvas of the web arise. Paint, ink, rock, stone, glue, wood, canvas FADE, CRUMBLE, AND AGE. Media, hard drives, silicon, digits, 0's and 1's, and space REPLICATE, EVOLVE, and MULTIPLY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amorphoscapes - Constantly changing art. Constantly evolving by the user's experience. It does not sit on a wall and rot. You, the user are the wall. The art an extension of you. STANZA has created a space for the user. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Webpaintings - Oil on Canvas. Last of it's kind. Valery Grancher puts the last strokes on these magnificent translations of the all mighty GOOGLE and translates the bit to the keystroke in these magnificent Google "real" front pages. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About:Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin - Markus Kleine-Vehn Has taken the real and translated it to the digital. Rogier van der Weyden's painting has taken a trip into the digital realm. Taking old work and re-working it, the user has the control to print their own digital "new" painting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Exquisite Copse - Taking original works of the Classics by the likes of Melville, Orwell, Carrol, Kafka, amongst others, the printed paper "OLD" type is reworked into the DIGITAL TREE. A FRESH NEW TAKE on the words of old. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ System Shutdown - True to it's form, system shutdown is SHUTDOWN. The digital fails and irony wins. The mighty painting, sitting on the museum wall shouts out one last bellow from it's collapsing lungs. DEATH TO THE DIGITAL TYRANT. Paintings, technical interventions, Internet and Multi Media based works by Yoke and Zoom based on the theme of the breakdown of technology. Too bad their culmination is a grave on the web by way of "dead link". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paintings in the Church of Saint Luzia - Add 200 years to this link, and it's contents may no longer be preserved nor the surrounding building standing. The digits comprising this link to once great works may still be around ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ acrilic painting - a note on the state of the digital work. "it's available in print" ;)

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