Bricolage (2011)

Curated by Jonathan Garduno
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This exhibition showcases artworks that exemplify the aggregate nature of information as it is depicted for users to assemble on the internet. These particular works retrieve and sort information based upon particular parameters that the author of the concept defines to produce amalgams of narrative possibilities. The individual themes found in this assortment of work are varied yet the overarching theme that structures this exhibition is the participatory nature that is essential to the execution of each artwork. In a sense, the artists of these pieces employ crowdsourcing techniques to achieve their desired outcome. "Man With a Movie Camera:the Global Remake" is a re envisioning of Vertov's seminal 1929 film that allows participants from around the world to contextualize imagery and concepts from their unique perspectives and place them in conversation with the original content of Vertov's film. Rather than keeping the eye of the camera fixed in a particular moment in history, this project allows users to project their visions of everyday life into the virtual realm of the internet and have them coalesce with other user's material creating an ever-evolving polysemic narrative. "Time Spent Alone" is an interactive website that provides participants with the opportunity to pinpoint where their aspired destinations are located on a virtual map. The "Destinations" section of the website is a Google Earth map with strangers' posts of their own desired destinations. People are invited to share their own sought after destinations and David Wicks, the site's creator, chooses inspired posts to include on the front page of "Destinations". "The Burning Question" was an installation piece that allowed visitors to freely download and burn music onto blank cd's. The assortment of music they were permitted to download ranged from pieces composed by various composers, musicians, and sound artists especially designed for the project and works already in the public domain. As the visitors built playlists they contributed to an internet radio broadcast that featured the collective playlist generated from every visitor to the installation creating a collaborative piece of art displayed via the web. "Sonic Map of Battersea Park" is a fun interactive internet piece that recreates the soundscape of Battersea Park in London, England. Users are invited to peruse the soundscape using a "walker" that is set against a black background allowing users to further immerse themselves in the experience."Artcrimes" provides an interactive interface for users to manipulate various sections of the project creating continually morphing colors, shapes, and sounds. I incorporate this piece into my exhibit because it is an interactive piece that focusing its themes on the ability of the internet to act as a tool of empowerment that imparts knowledge to its users.

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