"What Is the Meaning of Life? Whatever You Want It To Be." -James Frey (2011)

Curated by ebmata
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Like the following six artworks I have chosen, I like to get my voice heard. The first three: "rent-a-negro.com," "My Perfect Child," and "Dyke Action Machine" are proactive artworks in an effort to make a change in this world. They are about politically sensitive issues Americans face today such as: racism, productive rights, and gay/lesbian rights. As a strong believer of freedom of choice, women's rights to choose, and pro gay rights, I think these are great artworks because people need to acknowledge they're surrounded by these issues and stop ignoring the big pink elephant in the room. I am pro choice and as an active citizen in my community, I went and SUPPORTED Planned Parenthood by donating my money and time to them when they were at risk to lose federal government funding. "Outskirt" is a demonstration on a woman's vulnerability in relation to video surveillance -a situation all American women go through due to so much discrimination. "'My Perfect Child' explores the history of engineering the perfect child through genetics, cloning and selective abortion and its origins in literature, psychology, anthropology, and child-rearing manuals." "Dyke Action Machine (DAM!)" is used as a way to promote and sell gay/lesbian rights to the public eye; they want to make it known they are there and will not leave. "rent-a-negro.com" focuses on optimism and positivity in relation to racism against African Americans in the United States (however, I am unsure if this website is real or a joke). "Global Presidential Election" is about what really goes behind the curtain when electoral votes get counted and how much they're worth in US money. Lastly, "Safe as Mother's Milk: The Hanford Project," explore the the problems communities had when radioactive chemicals were put in air for experiments by the government. All of these artworks stood out to me because they share a common factor: they deal with political and ethical issues that Americans face over the course of their lives and that something proactive needs to be done.

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