FDM20c (2011)

Curated by Connor Sparkman
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The Internet is forever, it has no language barrier, never sleeps, and never stops, it is forever growing. When one side of the world falls asleep, the other wakes up. The piece "Time Circle Around the World" emphasizes how the internet never stops. It expresses that location does not matter with internet, what matters is if you are awake or asleep. The internet was started by us, and we created something infinite. Something that will last forever. Infinite paths made by the work of every person who has surfed the web. "WORLD: it just keeps changing" uses constantly changing colors to express that the World never stops and is always in motion. The internet too is always in motion, never stopping, sometimes there are small changes, at other times "monumental changes". The internet is a creation, we gave life to the internet and now it gives life to all who navigate through it. It is infinitely growing, with new websites, new ideas, new dreams. The artwork "Time Spent Alone" is a website that grows with the help of anyone who wants to put their ideas into the web. It is never fixed, or micromanaged, it consists of people's stories, thoughts, day dreams. There is infinite space, infinite ideas, infinite creativity, there is always room for more. Time is irrelevant inside the internet. We as people have forged millions of different paths in the internet at an exponential rate, created, connected, deleted. The piece "Infinity" expresses that "paths are made by walking" which may seem off topic, but to me it could not have been any more perfect. These kids created something eternal by a simple idea. They have left their mark to forever be remembered just like the internet. One must leave his or her mark on the internet, otherwise it will pass them by, time may be infinite inside the web, but time is against everyone in reality. "Timeslide, 2006" explains that every person must leave their mark. They must leave some artifacts behind, and everyone must do this "for the self, the stranger, and the process of creation." These five artworks show how the internet is a constant. It is constantly evolving, changing and always will be.

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