Sounds Perfect (2011)

Curated by easimpki
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This exhibition combines art pieces which explore sound in our everyday lives. Sound is so important in our world and these artists have developed unique and interesting ways of showing its importance and beauty. Both pieces that are part of "Measure of Discontent" expose the rhythm and music found within common human tendencies; the urging to tap one's foot, and the sighing relief that one expresses. "Green" is a piece that takes small tapping and clicking sounds and plays them in an area which represents "the natural soundscapes of insects and other organisms found in meadows and fields". This piece in particular reminded of Borges's "The Garden of Forking Paths" because it used nature to explore an idea of technology. The other 3 pieces explore more of the un-natural as upposed to the natural and I really enjoyed the contrast. "Sound Jewelry" I found to be particularly interesting and it used pieces of jewelry worn by people to create sounds which in turn created musical melodies. Depending on how far apart individuals were, their jewelry could correspond to each others and combine different melodies into one song. This idea of human interaction can also be seen in works that we talked about in class such as the Arab revolution that was exposed on Twitter. Much like "Green", "Audio Igloo" used technology in a way that mimicked nature. Here white noise was played through speakers arranged in the form of an igloo. The art work is part of a movement called "electroacoustic". This unique twist gives the piece a very interesting quality. The last piece titled "Sound Piece" used human voice to map out images on a screen. This reminded me of the narrative databases we researched in class and the idea behind using the voice to create images was very interesting to me.

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