Layers of Collaboration (2011)

Curated by skeyani
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Artists can choose to express themselves through many means but online they can leave room for us to express their ends through our means. In the compilation of artwork I chose you can find an artist's attempt at a visual narrative that is either accompanied with sound, word or both. The beauty is that both end result and narrative structure do not bind the viewer to experience the art in one set way but rather the way in which he or she chooses to see it. In all pieces we find a way to interact and shape the art piece to our heart's content (in some art pieces we are presented with the option to see both the artist's version and then our own interaction), making it a narrative that is unique to the digital space. "Frog Pledge", "Gold Mickey" and "Pale Male" are similar in their aesthetics (all three by Roz Dimon) , they are layered paintings which add or remove details at certain key words of their narratives, we can opt to have them added in a linear fashion or as the artist intended or we can opt to individually and haphazardly add or remove. This gives us much influence over the piece. "Your sFace or Mine" and "Attributed Text" are not of the same aesthetics but they both have that similar aspect of non linear choice and variability that is unique to all of these digital art pieces. I believe context in this realm should be put aside and appreciated merely as a possible ends. That is why I believe the focus should be on the beauty and liberation that comes from our "collaboration" with the artist in creating their "ends".

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