Hello? (2011)

Curated by tyin
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"Hello" is a set of artworks based on this idea that the telephone is a tool to communicate more than just your local errands or what they did last weekend. It can be a form of art itself and can be used by many people to show a message about art. In this show are works that all have this essential idea that the use of the telephone is not only a way of communication. The art pieces range from calling a number to show what kind of music you like to calling a number that talks about your favorite art work. It not only all connects because you have to use the phone, but it also shows this idea that you can now access these kinds of things like art anywhere you are. With the advancement of cell phones and modern technologies it has made it easier for this certain artist to communicate these messages that they are trying to show. They are able to show what they really want and how they want to do certain things. All these artworks shows the different uses of phones and what dialing a number can really do. Each art piece uses the telephone as a way to show how the phone call can be last forever and it can be something that wont just go away. It is something that last forever because it is digital rather than something that is material that will eventually go away and unless it is preserved. All these pieces communicate the use of new technologies like the phone and how mass communication between phones is a a good thing and more than just how your day has been.

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