The Hinges of "Reality" (2011)

Curated by Thomas Osborne
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This exhibition seeks to delve into the immensely dense conflict that is the defining of reality. For many the existential (I'm using this term loosely) question tends to be the utmost important question one asks in today's authority obsessed culture. This exhibit seeks to ask why is some information more valid than other sorts? What is the nature of the very concept of "idea", of "thought" and "expression"? Does the subversion of specific ideals and forms of information create misinformation or present simply a new way of viewing a subject, whether it be expanding our knowledge and expounding reality further or satirical in nature? The artworks presented here have thus been chosen specifically for a subversive, or sampling quality that pulls from information from what "exists" as a concrete aspect of our culture, such as the assumed verisimilitude of the news in "Fake is a Fake", and either allows the expansion of information for self-reflection, or for a further artistic purpose.The exhibit will also display pieces that have to do with how identity is performed and how interactions are made through the medium of the internet.

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