Spectrums (2011)

Curated by aealonso
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By combining many principles of mathematics with full spectrums of color, many artists are able to create symmetrical shapes and figures that make up complex patterns. Applying these concepts to various mediums allows these artists to work in order to create pieces unlike anything seen before. In this exhibition, the pieces I've chosen all display some sort of mathematical backbone along with a full barrage of various colors. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Deus Digitalis** is a piece where Jean Delouvroy and Hans Verhaegen use symmetrical patterns and apply them again to flash in order to create the pattern presented. However, rather than using standard blocks of colors, the artists have chosen to present the pattern as small human figures repeating over a formula which they determined. In addition to the mathematics involved in making the pattern, the artists used "complex manipulation" in order to convert a baroque fugue into the low frequency sound loop that can be heard on the page. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Analog Environments** creates a rich 3D interactive world which allows the audience to participate in the exploration of this space. The artist, Mitch Trale, has created an interactive journey through which the user can determine his own path and destination. By using various mathematical formulas, he has created a full environment of patterns and complex shapes. Once you enter the analog environment from the outside world he has created, one can see the various shapes and patterns which are used to bring the environment together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Downloading Pixels** is a piece by Scott Blake which uses the basic downloading functions of your computer to create a cascading effect of color over your screen. Depending on which specific browser you are on, images will download in a specific way and display each downloaded pixel as it is found. By applying this basic principle to this piece, Blake allows the user to create their own custom images by fooling around with the options he has provided. Each of these options allows the audience to create rich colorful patterns which are constantly cascading forward. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Incomplete Spectrum* is a piece by Thomas Briggs in which he combines the use of mathematics and color spectrums in order to create the piece seen. He uses various mathematical functions in order to determine the movement of colors for his construction of this 'spacial field of action.'In order to create the piece, the artists stored the sum of these various math functions and applied them to the drawing elements which makeup this computational piece. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **colorfalling** is a piece by Aron Sommer in which the page is designed to do just as the title says. Various colors fall from the top of your browser and cascade repeatedly to the bottom as the pattern continues. Using flash animation, Sommer developed a code that would display this spectrum of colors.

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