Void of Existence (2011)

Curated by Camilo Santacruz
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All the works here relate to depression, a desire to be genuine, and distance. In most efforts to seek originality, one only finds lonesomeness and confusion. This transgression can only lead a person further and further into a pitiful solitary existence. There is no escape. In the end we are only moments of existence. Our thoughts, actions and expressions are non genuine. Finding the source/god/beginning is a search that is never ending, because as soon as a force is found then it is lost. All these pieces demonstrate forms of wanting to find this truth or, in the case of "A fake is a fake" and "Copy & Waste", embracing that they will not find it. "Beta Girl" is the most interesting because the artist demonstrates her inner-absence in an intimate way where her aggression and solitude come off strongly despite the fact that she is being viewed by many people. It is an interesting paradox that she is displaying her loneliness in a way that she is not really alone (at least in cyberspace). THIS BRINGS UP AN INTERESTING QUESTION OF WHETHER OR NOT WE ARE ALONE WHEN WE ARE INTERACTING THROUGH THE INTERNET. We are manipulating people's emotions and reacting to them but we are also physically just sitting in front of a screen. How close would somebody have to be to you in order for you to be considered alone? If you were in the same room as someone but you were both skyping a friend; would you be closer to the friend on skype or the person in the room? Distance, although easily measured physically, cannot be measured as easily mentally and emotionally. A recent occurence of this is facebook likes and the emotional activity stirred in people that receive them...

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