Beyond the Modern Social and Political Norm (2011)

Curated by Angeles
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The artworks set up in this exhibition reflect the political and social aspects of every day life, that people all hope to see as untrue. Under this modern society, the "normal citizen" of the United States grows up accepting a clearly defined path. This path gives a person the only freedom to accept a certain place in the Labor Force, and one where the "American Dream" just in fact is nothing more but a Dream. Capitalism becomes the only source of political and social establishment that better progresses society development and human ideals. Globalization, Media Monopolies, War, High-Profile Corporations, Racism, Discrimination, Assimilation, and Ignorance are all aspects that we tend to ignore, but yet help predetermine our destinies in this capitalist society. Any rebellion against these capitalist ideals always seems foolish and crazy to others, as it always falls beyond that social and political norm. The first artwork represents the concept of Globalization, where the eagle at the center clearly shows how Western political influence remains very strong. The Second artwork, "A fake is a fake," depicts the media's role in distributing lies and false stories to the people in a capitalist society. This in turn produces more ignorance and less self-awareness of the various global and local problems that rarely become solved. The third artwork. "Manual Focus 1:War," provides how there is a double perspective on the practice of war. How the outcome though benefits the most powerful, it always drastically affects the innocent. The fourth artwork, "McDonald's Videogame," shows the real underlying, complexity of how a global corporation functions. There seems to be no regards to animal or land safety standards. The fifth artwork, "BKPC," depicts the social conflict in a capitalist society. Racism and discrimination is something that continues to thrive in modern society, though not direct it is sometimes institutionalized. The last artwork, "Progressive Load," shows a protest being disrupted by law enforcement. The artwork provides the idea that protesting is one of the few actions that can progress human ideals and dignity.

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