Music to Behold. (2011)

Curated by jtmcgove
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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And in the same fashion, so is music. Everyone who has ever heard a melody or played a note has their own unique perception of music. These pieces have been compiled to provide a wide range of opinions and personal contributions to the world of music. Since technology enables previous work, as well as the creation of original sounds, to be brought into the public’s hand, we can understand these artworks as a subjective manifestation of creative musical artwork in the digital age. The Two-Dimensional Audio Mixer allows anyone, regardless of musical knowledge, to manipulate and personalize their own loop of music. The simple bass, snare, hi-hat, kick and lead movable buttons allows the user to customize the volume of each aspect. The mixer puts the art making capabilities in the fingers of the user. Similarly, Errata Erratum and Remix allow the user to partake in the artwork more flexibility than the mixer. The music and visual representation of the music can be altered in these pieces. Both creators of these separate artworks have an underlying uncertainty and feeling of endless possibilities. Users can experiment with the different aspects and visual and musical responses of the flash programs. The last two pieces, Let It Bleed/Let It Be and The Kestrel 920, are examples of personal takes on music. Yoshi Sodeoka blends famous songs from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones into something completely new and which no longer resembles a traditional recording song. He also simultaneously illustrates the mixture with the music videos intertwined within each other and alternating play. Sodeoka's artwork can be seen as a creative re-assembling. The Kestrel 920 on the other hand is something completely original by its own existence. Made up of wooden planks, springs wires and nails, this instrument is used to create "sound-scapes" unobtainable by standard musical instruments. Although not always appealing, the Kestrel has no limitations on what can be produced. When ones imagination is set free, music can continually evolve. Personal perceptions of music can take many forms of expression as seen in these artworks.

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