Machines as Humans (2011)

Curated by ckhamash
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Everyday machines are becoming more and more advanced. As a result, people are finding more uses for machines, particularly by using artificially intelligent machines for human interaction and even imitation. It causes one to wonder what machines will be able to do in just a few years from now, and if we can even call them simple machines anymore. 'Dead on Second Life' explores the possibility of bringing back dead historical figures as a character in Second Life by using simple AI to imitate their behaviors. Players on Second Life can then interact with these figures by chatting with them. Using the AI script, the historical figure can then reply with a response befitting the figure the AI is imitating. The 'NetAIBO Project' allows users to interact with a toy robot which in turn affects a virtual world. When interacting with this robot, all actions are recorded and displayed in the web3d world. Through this system users can "communicate through images, sound, dance". 'The Machine Manifesto' is a kind of robotic band that people can interact with by filling the role of the conductor. The machines read the conductor's movements through image recognition software and play based on the commands the conductor gives. 'A SoaPOPera for Laptops' is just as it says: a soap opera for laptops. Four laptops on remote control carts fill the roles of the performers by having conversations with one another through voice recognition and text-to-speech software. They are able to sing along to music and can interact with the viewers as well. 'The Smile Project' consists of two robots that model emotional states. The robots are able to read body language, sound, and facial expressions and this allows them to have gesture-based conversations with people.

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