No More Than a Number (2011)

Curated by vgonzal5
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My exhibit focuses on how human are seen as just a number we no longer are seen as for whom we are. "God's Eye View" is our world from the top view. We see no detail in people we just see people and the number from the top. The red dots represent the population the blocks the world we live in. We just see the outside of our world rather than a closer look into it. It’s seen as an overall view from a distance. "Barcode Web Counter" Right here we see a woman standing next to a barcode. Barcode are to locate an identify objects. The woman next to this barcode symbolizes she is just another number/object. She is no longer identified as her self but as it say on the art "you are 12346". When you visit sites you become a number that visited the website and not named your name but a number. "Daily Headline Death" is an art piece that we see a man with on top of a red circle. He has no identity and simply counted as another. The title puts it in the light where ever day people die. In history we are giving the number of people that died and not everyone individually who has passed away. We start loosing count who has and label people as a number. Around certain amount of people die every day and we forget these people have and their identity. "Internet Soul Portraits" This piece is a blank MySpace page. MySpace started as a way to may your page different than other and this piece shows how plain it can be and not different. The Internet has created a place to limit to show what we like and we just become a number that like a status or like a music artist. When we like something on Facebook it just adds another number after more people start liking it. Your name no long shows up. "Because You Asked" is again a blank her person. With no question as about yourself we become identical to he person next to us. If we were to be asked question we would be more visible to each other than just another number. I brought these pieces all together because in the intent we pick what people see. This parallel of who we are online. It goes back to Danah Boyd where she talks about how we choose what people see. People create their identity or what they choose others to see as their identity, by using the Internet as a way of expressing that. The Internet may be limited on finding out who a person really is and seen as just seen as a number (concept of my exhibit). We have just become one more hit for these websites. We start being limited and loose our freedom of how we express ourselves.

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