20C Exhibit (2011)

Curated by rjwest
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For my exhibit chose works that involve technology's relationship to our lives and the reverse of that. Technology was once something considered external and impersonal to our environment but now has quickly become a living part of it. THey look at how the form mechanically, physically or digitally assimilates some or often many aspects of our movements, interactions and sometimes our thoughts. However this may be a broad take on the subject these works focus on modern technologies ability to emulate more human attributes or intelligence. Some gather the life and personality our of our technologies and create a form we may not have noticed or realized existed within our computers, material belongings, music, etc. Others take on a life of their own in a new, constantly forming and changing way, analyzing what we've already created and bringing out a broader understanding of who we are, what we do and our affect upon other things. Some of these works show technologies ability to watch and control our lives while others reinforce our ability to control deeper and newer aspects of things we thought had a limited dimension to them.

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