Virtual Humanity (2011)

Curated by nlegros
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Virtual Humanity explores the crossings of the human race and its technologies. The human race has devoted many man hours, many brains and much more money to the growth of basic, primitive technologies into the digital world we inhabit today; a world that has developed in a manner so sophisticated and so thorough that many find themselves unable to maintain the same level of living without it. has been born of technology, a craft originally belonging to the physical domain, and here we see the virtual world reflect and mimic the physicality of the human and ethereality of humanity. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carnevale 3.0 recreates human and humanity in one being that interacts with the humans around it. It regurgitates its experiences in the form of a video projection and carries these memories to other spaces so that these affect new interactions with new humans. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pixel Proximity digitally mimics the human form in its life-size projection of the artist’s body and blurs the fields of real and virtual by transforming the projection into its digital equivalent of pixels and high-pitched computerised sounds as a result of the physical interaction of the human visitor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hollow Blank Bust features the physical copy of the body in preparation for the making of a digital copy. The piece exhibits the human cast and its digital projection, allowing the viewer to see a process of digitalisation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ trans-portrait directly addresses figural art in a virtual context and exhibits the physical manipulations possible in the field of digital portraiture. It explores a new method of portraiture that correlates with our virtual environment and redefines the norms of human identity. This project explores the appearance of humanity within its digital culture.With Trans-portrait we move from the physical appearance of humans to the qualities of humanity and its expression in our being. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Processing Gestures (PG-9) captures the ethereal quality of the human gesture through the interaction of the visitors and the exhibit. Complex video camera technology captures gesture and translates it into a mechanically drawn image which is captured and projected in the space and viewed by the exhibition-goers. Human affects machine, machine affects human. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ( the photographic-diary project ) is the digital embodiment of a human life over a one year time-span. It makes visible and quantifiable those qualities of human life that are generally not; a more personal work that speaks not of the artist’s personhood or their manner of being but their life.

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