women, the perceptions of (2011)

Curated by Jessica.Dybfest
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The perceptions our society has of women are often distorted or misunderstood. There are certain unwritten expectations and stigmas associated with women that women themselves often do not agree with or understand. “Women, the perceptions of” explores the relationships and opinions people have towards women; the perceptions that men have about women, women about other women, and women about themselves. The exhibition looks at both the positive and negative assumptions of the female body, the feminine roles in our society, and women’s actions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'Don’t touch me' is a website that explores intimacy and perceptions of women by men and how each party sees a different side. This particularly shows some of the negative connotations of women as perceived by men and the differences that each sex has on the topic of intimacy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'World of Female Avatars' is a project to help women come to terms with their own bodies. The avatars themselves are a collection of confessions and empowering statements women have said about themselves including people like Marilyn Monroe. This project embraces women coming to terms with themselves and having a positive outlook on their own bodies regardless of what media or men tell them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'The lostlove project' started as a performance and video blog about one woman’s failed relationships told from the perceptive of her friends and grew into the author telling stories of how her relationships had ended. This concept shows both the perspectives that women have on other women, and that women have about themselves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'www.bodywatch.us' address the concerns of sexuality when added with technology and how women and girls are seeing themselves after reflecting on what the media portrays as beautiful or ideal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'The Kissing Booth' is a reflection of the artist’s past and builds a timeline based on the men she has kissed over a period of time using the pages of her year book as photographs of these men. Has that become the way our society deals with time? By mentally registering dates based on who we have kissed? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “A Me Mi Piace La Gnocca” is a man’s interpretation of what he believes exemplifies sexuality through a combination of photographic artwork and graphic illustrations. This is an inside example of how many men portray women, even if not all women agree with the artist’s statements.

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