Well, they aren't Twinkies (2005)

Curated by Erin O'Brien
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Since its early days, the internet has been changing the way we perceive the world around us. It has opened up doors for the sharing, mixing, and re-interpretation of media. The web has allowed for information to be distributed and re-mediated over and over. Today, everyone and everything has a web presence. Grandmas have blogs now. And you better believe that <a href="http://twinkies.com">Twinkies</a> have a flash site. What I'm trying to say here is that the internet is making everything old new again. But eventually, that becomes old as well. <br>The pieces I have chosen for my exhibit are all exciting in their own way. Each piece remediates a different form of media into something that's charming or unexpected. I love it when things that I am familiar with are twisted in such a way that it sheds a completely different light on them. The examples I have chosen take generally familiar things and place them into different context. This is done by making them more personal, less personal, more interactive, less interactive - all of the subjects are approached in a different way than you'd expect. In different ways, these projects all exhibit how "the medium is the message." <br> In this exhibit, you will be able to see and enjoy re-mediated text, voyeurism, film, viruses, and more!

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