invited | invaded (2005)

Curated by Jessica Gomula
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The unveiling of the blog - an open window into another's innermost thoughts - has habituated the public into a priviledged knowledge of the intimate experiences and secrets of strangers. Why would anyone place something into the open waters of the world wide web if it is not meant to be seen, read, or experienced by another? Having placed something online, is it possible to un-invite the unknown thousands of web-surfers from you innermost moments? <br /> <br /> The works selected for this exhibition all address the notion of invaded privacy. They tap into the need for a private oasis even within a world wide presence. In <i>Awkward Moment #2</i> and in <i>Inviligate,</i> the artists create intimate spaces through which the viewer is placed in the position of an intruder. In <i>Don't Touch Me</i> the viewer is both rewarded and scolded for interacting with the site's "inhabitant" before being drawn into an increasingly personalized interaction with the "inhabitant." <i>Crying Machine</i> mechanizes an confoundingly intimate experience of emotional release, whereas <i>Uninvited Words</i> is a protest against automated email intrusions. <i>Confess,</i> on the other hand, capitalizes upon the public's impulses to find and reveal ever more intimate experiences. <br /><br />

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