We Tear Ourselves Apart: A Study in Deconstructed Identity (2006)

Curated by CAITLIN.
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Identity is divided into two categories: 1. Individual identity and 2. the concept of identity. We search for both. In order to unravel either most people assume the only way to so is to deconstruct what they know about themselves and place it in front of them. It's an extremely analytical way of finding an intangible 'truth'. But what has happened is that identity is now only defined by the search, rather than the entity itself. Thus, many times when an artist attempts to represent identity in any sort of philosophical way, they can only fragment it further and hope to touch upon some fundamental truth that might not even exist. So what are we looking for? This is a collection of five artists who have deconstructed their own identity and/or the concept of it. Some of this work was intentionally fragmented, but a lot of it was not, displaying the fact that humans are trapped in their own notions of themselves. Although these works are all well-executed, and some are extremely telling, it is debatable whether they have actually discovered or represented anything real or not. Can identity be represented? If so, is this the best way to do it? Or does it serve to superficialize and externalize something that should be immaterial and internal?

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