Location: A Journey Through Space (2006)

Curated by Jim Nightshade
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Location is an integral problem (or inspiration) to all art. An installation piece, for example, is often very dependant upon its location to establish its effect. A piece of artwork hanging in a museum is contextualized by that setting, given, in this case, such things as credibility. The experience of viewing art is also changed by the location of other things relative to it—in the museum example, the other artworks hanging next to the piece. Furthermore, an artistic experience is greatly changed by our own location relative to it: we view a painting from several angles, we walk around a sculpture to take in its three-dimensional quality, we navigate through an interactive new media piece my changing the location of our mouse on the screen. Location is fundamentally about space, but when applied to the New Media art works of this exhibit, that spatial quality can mean many things. Some artworks concern themselves with specific locations or landscapes, others do not. In some artworks, the location of the art is irrelevant or nonexistent, and the theme of location is instead physically manifest within the piece: location of elements of the piece on the screen itself, location of the elements in relation in one another or in relation to you, the world, or something else. Pieces about location raise questions like, where am I? How do I find my way? The works of this exhibit, though diverse in their interpretation of the location theme, are connected by these ideas of spatial relevance. Furthermore, by placing them together within the location of this exhibit, I have created a new context and space by which they can be viewed, and thus created a new experience of the works themselves.

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