Web Maps

Curated by Marina Carlstein
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When a word such as “cartography” is mentioned, I usually think back to my high school geography class. The endless memorization of the different kinds of data displayed on a given map seemed painful at that time. Later in life though, the familiarization with maps made planning a trip both easier and more enjoyable. Today, the need to unfold those large, dusty maps seems to have come to an end. Free online mapping services such as mapquest.com helps people map a specific destination in a matter of seconds. Just add your location, press click and you’ll have your information displayed on the screen in a user friendly layout, ready to use. But the art of cartography does not end here. With the help of technology and creativity, people have found endless ways to map different types of information with the purpose of sharing it with a large audience. This exhibition is about a collection of web projects that use cartography as a base for their pieces. Although, most of the pieces use urban settings as their main subject, I have incorporated a couple of projects that display non-urban data in a comprehensive visual way. Moreover, the majority of these pieces are mostly interactive, informative, and fun to use.

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