How Society Runs: The Truth the Big Guys didn't want you to know

Curated by Allie
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Globalization, Commercialization, Westernization, Modernization, each of these words explains our rapidly evolving society of business, technology, and culture, and how it often controls the lives of unknowing everyday citizens. Spanning areas of news media and information exchange to U.S corporate imperialism, and government decision making, the “How Society Runs: The Truth the Big Guys Didn't Want You to Know” exhibition calls into question who really is in control. While many would like to think that the people have the voice and power, it more often is the case that it is rather select individuals running the country. Additionally, with uneven power distributions, how can we tell what can be interpreted as truth and what may have been fabricated from the highest level of our societal hierarchies. From worldwide media monopolies, to the McDonald’s takeover, the viewer can take a glimpse into how the government, media, and economy really operate in our society.

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