Ruins of the future, a virtual artproject by Pierre Mertens

Posted by Marjan van Mourik | Wed Sep 10th 2003 11:38 a.m.

  • Marjan van Mourik | Sat Sep 13th 2003 6:14 p.m.
    Your email campaign ("Ruins of the future Press Release") has been sent

    Ruins of the future, a virtual artproject by Pierre=
    Mertens ........................



    'Ruins of the future' , a virtual artproject =
    by Pierre Mertens

    Following the press releases of 'Ruins of the=
    future' and ' the program ' Target received many reactions and congratul=
    ations. It was announced in art magazines and websites as being a real ph=
    ysical exhibition. Nobody questioned the reality of the event and nobody =
    objected to the concept. Only women contested the fact that all participa=
    t ing artists are male.

    ' Ruins of the future' is a complete virtual=
    exhibition by Pierre Mertens on the internet as it was located in Peru.=

    Contextual artist Pierre Mertens (1953, Antwe=
    rp, Belgium) conceived the concept and asked Marjan Van Mourik to join him =
    as a curator using the Internet context for this art project. The sponsor=
    is also the artist in the skin of Pierre Mertens real estate, a virtual co=
    mpany selling all museums worldwide.

    The art project questions the artistic actual=
    ity, as well in the art but also the role, the influence and the possibili=
    ties of the internet.

    In the light of globalisation the incestuous =
    Western dominated art scene looked over the last two Documenta's and the 20=
    03 Biennale of Venice to art of remote areas and developing countries. Pier=
    re Mertens sees this as a self-criticism of the art scene and a search for =
    more life connected art. Last years ' curators showed many artist s of de=
    veloping countries and remote areas in the western contemporary art exhibit=
    ions. Anxious for repetition of colonialism habits African curators were a=
    ppointed and international exhibitions held in developing countries. Docume=
    ntaries were presented as art in the western art context. A continuous stri=
    ng of criticism from artists which followed with regard to these exhibition=
    concepts is that those simply illustrate the curator's ideas. By virtually=
    taking all positions Pierre Mertens questions the conditions of the relati=
    onship between artists and curators.

    Read the complete statement of the artist

    Website: of =
    the future/index.htm

    Target Press Contact:
    Marjan van Mourik
    voice: (0051)54251551


    Pierre Mertens, curator




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