AUDC new project / ether

Posted by Kazys Varnelis | Wed Apr 7th 2004 3:17 p.m.

2004 marks conceptual architecture's return to Los Angeles. A Superstudio show is now on display at Art Center and Ant Farm will be coming to the Santa Monica Museum of Art this June. AUDC [] extends these investigations for the conteporary era with Ether [], the conclusion of the project AUDC initiated with the 2003 exhibit "the Most Expensive Space in North America" [].

Ether [] analyzes the role of the individual, objects, and telecommunicational society from the Cold War to the present day. It synthesizes two separate documents that will be published this spring, "Ether: Architecture of Self-Negation" in 306090 [] and "Immaterial Culture" in Textfield Magazine [].

AUDC was formed by Robert Sumrell [Woodbury University] and Kazys Varnelis [SCI-Arc] in 2001 as a nonprofit collective that works between, and beyond, both architectural design, historical research, and information design. AUDC's goal is to speculatively investigate the contemporary city using the tools of the architect, the historian, and the designer. AUDC blurs traditional divisions between media by working simultaneously in print, web, video, photography, drawings, models, dioramas, and installations while addressing the particularities of each medium. Likewise, AUDC breaks down the boundaries between theory and practice by uniting both scholarship and creative work.
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