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Posted by Dominik Hruza | Thu Jun 23rd 2005 10:07 a.m.

Gerold Tagwerker, an artist from Vienna, uses architectural photography and industrial-strength sculpture to undercut the grid-like monumentality of Modernist space." writes Kathryn Hixson about his work. "When Tagwerker was in the States and Canada recently, he took pictures of mid-century high rises, not the famous ones, but the mediocre ones that are ubiquitous in urban downtowns. Casually pointing his camera up from his hip to take the shots, the resulting images are liked pained glimpses upwards; we are forced to crane our necks to get the full force of the monolith. Tagwerker makes huge prints of these glimpses, and mounts them on boards, leaning them against the wall instead of hanging on it. They become aggressive stand-ins for the actual buildings, but are brought down to a one-to-one relationship with the viewer"

The recent exhibtion in the Kunstlerhaus Wien shows new light sculptures and interiors.
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