24 Hour Count: "a blog jam"

Posted by Rick Silva | Tue Dec 13th 2005 4:16 p.m.


"a blog jam"

The 24 Hour Count is a multi-media blog band made up of Colorado
artists Mark Amerika, Rick Silva, and Nathaniel Wojtalik. For this
newly commissioned 24-hour online blog performance, the artists
will use a variety of media including the Internet, mobile phones,
digital video and photo cameras, mini-disk recorders, musical
instruments, and many computer software programs to improvisationally
remix, interpret, and respond to current events while filtering
their "digital readings" through the prism of Count Lautreamont's
"Songsof Maldoror," a classic French text written in the 19th century
and whom the Surrealists adopted as the progenitor of their
significant 20th century movement.

Sponsored by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, the Alt-X
Online Network, and the TECHNE lab at the University of Colorado at
Boulder, the artists performing this distributed multi-media blog
performance will be located in three different locations: Sydney,
Australia, Boulder, Colorado, and Scottsdale, Arizona.
The event starts at

December 17th
14:00 MST/Arizona
16:00 EST
21:00 London
22:00 Berlin

December 18th
08:00 Sydney

For 24 hours straight, the three distributed artists will use the
same blogging website as the virtual location for their ongoing
multi-media jam session. The performance will coincide with the
opening of the SOUTHWEST.net:Techno show in Scottsdale, and a living
archive of the blog jam site will remain online both in the gallery
through May 14, 2006, and on the web throughout the duration of the
exhibition and beyond.

For more project info:

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