re|sonance|network|futures|005 catalog out now!

Posted by Judith Fegerl | Fri Dec 16th 2005 5:25 a.m.

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"The future of |sonance|network|"

.. is a Workshop in which people meet, who are linked to one another by the common use of the extended working environment of |sonance|network|, in order to exchange their work and ideas.

.. is a Workshop, in which |sonance|network| is made lucent and possibilities of active participation are pointed out.

.. is a Workshop, in which the future of |sonance|network| is brought up for discussion.


* An Internet publication of the discourse meeting "The future OF |sonance|network|" will be publisehd on the resonance005 homepage.

* Cyclic rounds of talks will be created.
Note: from the 11th to the 13th of December 2005 netznetz is organizing the symposium/sprintosium 2005, which will relate to the topic of MANA.

The |sonance|network|event-team looks forward to an interesting end-of-the-year event, to countless project concepts and to an exciting inquiry on the Internet.
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