MediaLAB Amsterdam presents: Mark Meadows lecturing on "Spirituality and

Posted by Marjan van Mourik | Fri Feb 17th 2006 6:41 a.m.

In this lecture Mark looks at how machines are replacing humans.
Addressing such important issues as microwave ovens, Hans Moravec,
Spiderman, The Gorillaz, Japan, and new forms of electronic art, Meadows
presents his recent work and discusses the rise of the digital human.
The lecture promises to be very interesting as he is planning on
"throwing one hell of a curveball!"

Mark Stephen Meadows (alias pighed) works at the point where visual art,
literature, and computer interactivity coincide. He has spent time at
Xerox-PARC, Stanford Research Institute, and has co-founded three
companies that relate to artificial intelligence, interactive narrative,
or virtual reality. His 3D animation and interactive design has been
flown by a list of companies that include Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures, and
Microsoft. Since 1987 he has been selling his artwork in galleries and
museums throughout the United States and Europe, with his work winning
awards that include the Ars Electronica Golden Nica, and The
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
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