Liquid Surveillance, the soft power of UBERMORGEN

Posted by marc garrett | Wed Oct 30th 2013 6:09 a.m.

Liquid Surveillance, the soft power of UBERMORGEN.

UBERMORGEN, Vladimir (2013) . Image courtesy of Caroll Fletcher gallery.

Rachel Falconer's article is written in response to an interview conducted with lizvlx and Hans Bernhard from Ubermorgen. 'userunfriendly' is their first solo exhibition in London and presents a performative study of creeping paranoia. It is on show at Caroll/Fletcher Gallery through October until 16th November 2013.

"UBERMORGEN, approach phenomena such as Snowden, and other symptoms of perceived hyper-capitalism from a fuzzier, more ambiguous subjectivity. In their quest for knowledge production and social dialogue, the artists present and re-present the conditions of our global socio-political situation as physical and ephemeral catalysts of open-ended investigation." Falconer.
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