Call for Responses ( a Grad Student Out)

Posted by armogan | Fri Nov 8th 2013 7:48 a.m.

Hello, and please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tracy and I am a graduate student in Museum Studies at Johns Hopkins University. I am conducting a critique of one of the online exhibitions here at, The Download, and I am hoping that some of you might be willing to answer a few quick survey questions for me, so that I might incorporate the responses into my research. I am open to responses in the forums, as well as emailed responses (you can reach me at tarmoga1 AT I thank you in advance for your consideration.

If you have NOT yet visited The Download, but ARE interested in helping out, you can find The Dow-load at

1: Have you seen/visited The Download exhibition?

2: Have you downloaded any of the artworks offered? if so, approximately how many? How did you make your selection?

3: If you have downloaded artworks, which of the piece(s) has been your favourite(s)? Why?

4: What are your impressions of The Download?
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