Computers and Capital: The Rise of Digital Currency. By Rob Myers

Posted by marc garrett | Fri Mar 14th 2014 9:35 a.m.

Computers and Capital: The Rise of Digital Currency" at Coinfest 2014 in Vancouver and online is a net art exploration of Bitcoin.

Rob Myers takes a look at how the artists involved rise to the task of visualising the social and technical complexities of the popular but troubled cryptocurrency.

“Bitcoin is the leading cryptographic digital currency. Created in 2009 by the now possibly unmasked hacker Satoshi Nakamoto, it polarizes opinion. Some people promote it as the technical embodiment of a libertarian attack on the iniquity of "fiat currency" and the power of the state and big banks, an embodiment of a pure market of value untainted by regulation where everything really is worth only what people will pay for it. Others criticise Bitcoin, often savagely, for the same reasons and for what they perceive as its technical and social failings. But Bitcoin is interesting in ways that go beyond the concerns of its most vocal proponents and detractors.”
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