Vampire Digital Art

Posted by marc garrett | Fri Apr 11th 2014 11:57 a.m.

Vampire Digital Art


New article on Furtherfield by Rob Myers.

Building on science fiction author Charles Stross's vision of a future of weaponized eBooks, Rob Myers considers how artists can use the strategies of malware to make art that really grabs the attention of the public and the market, and how much it will cost to make.

In "How Readers Will Discover Books In Future", science fiction author Charles Stross envisions a future in which weaponized eBooks demand your attention by copying themselves onto your mobile devices, wiping out the competition, and locking up the user interface until you've read them.

This is only just science fiction. Even the earliest viruses often displayed messages and malware that denies access to your data until you pay to decrypt it already exist. ePub ebooks can execute arbitrary JavaScript, and PDF documents can execute arbitrary shell scripts. Compromised PDFs have been found in the wild. Stross's weaponized ebooks are not more than one step ahead of this.
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