Enlisting the Body: Joseph DeLappe and "Social Tactics”.

Posted by marc garrett | Fri Apr 25th 2014 11:49 a.m.

Enlisting the Body: Joseph DeLappe and "Social Tactics”.


Chris Lanier interviews new media artist Joseph DeLappe about his retrospective exhibition "Social Tactics" at the Fresno Art Museum, and his Drone Memorial project at Fresno State University.

The Fresno Art Museum, in collaboration with the Fresno State Center for Creativity and the Arts, is exhibiting "Social Tactics," a mini-retrospective of the work of Joseph DeLappe, a new media artist and director of the Digital Media Program at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The exhibit has been running alongside the construction of a to-scale sculptural reproduction of an MQ1 Predator Drone on the campus of Fresno State, coordinated by DeLappe and executed by students and volunteers. I had the opportunity to interview DeLappe about his work, and the way it connects to militarism, memorialization, and embodiment. His work has been an ongoing critique of games that look like war, and warfare that looks like gaming – insisting that, within the hall of mirrors that forms "simulation culture," reality still must be accounted for, and attended to.

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