Piratbyrån and Friends at Furtherfield @F.A.T

Posted by marc garrett | Fri May 9th 2014 8:35 a.m.

Article by Geraldine Juarez | Piratbyrån and Friends at Furtherfield. | F.A.T.

“Internet history is a history of friendships, the history of friendships is a history of meetings “ – @monki


The place where Piratbyrån and F.A.T meet was of course in IRC and then the groups overlapped basically because of kopimi, like everything else does in the internet and AFK.

Fatties Evan, Geraldine and Magnus were last week in London hanging out in Harringay with the Piratbyrån bunch and setting up the exhibition “Piratbyrån and Friends”, that opened in Furtherfield last saturday.

The exhibition traces stories and affinities behind the swedish group of friends from which the most resilient cultural project on the planet emerged a decade ago. The gallery exhibition features a collection of archival material, t-shirts, films, comissioned artworks-networks and oddities- together with a vast and complex digital archive available in the Commons of Furtherfield and inside the Kopimi Totem, ready for you to explore and copy.

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