Digital autopsies: The Negligent Eye at the Bluecoat

Posted by marc garrett | Tue May 20th 2014 5:47 a.m.

Digital autopsies: The Negligent Eye at the Bluecoat | Exhibition, Liverpool UK | Review by Nathan Jones


Nathan Jones reviews the exhibition ‘The Negligent Eye’ on digital printmaking at the Bluecoat in Liverpool. He examines its paradoxical concerns as printmakers question printmaking practice alongside other artists engaged in digital production.

The Negligent Eye
the Bluecoat
Sat, 08 Mar 2014 - Sun, 15 Jun 2014

Featuring artists: Cory Arcangel, Christiane Baumgartner, Thomas Bewick, Jyll Bradley, Maurice Carlin, Helen Chadwick, Susan Collins, Conroy/Sanderson, Nicky Coutts, Elizabeth Gossling, Beatrice Haines, Juneau Projects, Laura Maloney, Bob Matthews, London Fieldworks (with the participation of Gustav Metzger), Marilène Oliver, Flora Parrott, South Atlantic Souvenirs, Imogen Stidworthy, Jo Stockham, Wolfgang Tillmans, Alessa Tinne, Michael Wegerer, Rachel Whiteread, Jane and Louise Wilson.

The Negligent Eye revolves around the way a digitally-native generation of artists – particularly printmakers - are questioning their relation to the digital, using the notion of ‘scanning’ as a kind of mid-state of the creative process of the human-digital hybrid. The show is co-curated curated by the Bluecoat's Sara-Jayne Parsons and head of printmaking at the RCA, Jo Stockham, and features several works by her graduates, and other artists from around the RCA, such as Bob Matthews and Christiane Baumgartner.
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