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Posted by NeMe | Fri Jun 27th 2014 9:09 a.m.

NeMe is proud to inform you that we now have published over 100 critical texts and over 1500 calls and information on the arts We take this opportunity to thank our many visitors and also our contributing authors: Andrew Benjamin, Andrew Vande Moere, Aristide Antonas, Belinda Barnet, Charles Esche, Christiane Paul, Christopher Gordon, Christos Barboutis, Denise Robinson, Eduardo Kac, Edward A. Shanken, Erkki Huhtamo, Faith Wilding, Geoff Cox, Gordon Winiemko, Gregory Sholette, Hakim Bey, Iannis Zannos, Ioannis MICHALOU(di)S, Jelena Vesic, Jeremy Hight, Jesse Cohn, Jette Sandahl, Joanne Morra, Timothy Murray, Judith Donath, Lanfranco Aceti, Lev Manovich, Luís Cláudio Ribeiro, Maja and Reuben Fowkes, Marc James Léger, Marina Grzinic, Mark Amerika, Marquard Smith, Martin Knahl, Martin Rieser, McKenzie Wark, Michael Filimowicz, Michael Haerdter, Mike Sandbothe, Miya Yoshida, Nikos Papastergiadis, Paul Vanouse, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, Richard Barbrook, Ryszard W. Kluszczyński, Sean Cubitt, Shaun Wilson, Sheila Pinkel, Simon Sheikh, Soraya Murray, Srećko Horvat, Stelarc, Steve Dietz, Svetlana Boym, Tiffany Holmes, and Jorge Bruno Ventura whose work is helping our aim to disseminate quality critical arts information to the public.

Our database is continuously growing and our invitation is always open to all who would like to read or submit a text for inclusion in our site on

NeMe is Cyprus registered NGO and has a virtual and an itinerant platform both of which can be viewed on and
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