Patrick Lichty and Nathan Shafer - Augmenting Alaska Day 1/10

Posted by patrick lichty | Tue Jul 29th 2014 3:55 p.m.

Got into Anchorage at 9 PM, and my pal Nathan Shafer brought me to his home, and He, I and his wife Joelle already been talking about regional culture like the Denal’li, Unangans, Tlingit, etc. and it’s been amazing so far. You would not believe it, but we’re going to work on Augments this week (or hope so) for most of the local papers, I’ll fly Drone Unit 3 of the DIY Drone Brigade in the Anchorage Opera House. Lots of people to see, and I’ve already Augmented the Shafers’ table with Minecraft Reality – the Eiffel Tower has moved. I even started asking about doing things like 3D scanning totem poles and Aleut wooden shore maps. It stands to get interesting.

We're going to save a mural from the fate of another Walgreen's with AR - cool.

And I think there’s a little bromance with me and Nathan’s cat Abelard, but then my students call me Cattrick, so it’s to be expected.

More soon. Welcome back to Alaska, Patrick. We missed you.
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