Sept. M->Orphic Journal: Accelerator Particle

Posted by Edwin VanGorder | Wed Jul 22nd 2015 7:33 p.m.

In this journal the relation of mental schemae to virtuality are posed in the cover drawing as an inverse of the particle accelerator:now an accelerator particle- cyber drawing mark itself in the motion sensor medium which borrow the realm of thought experiment where science and technology cannot perform to match the macro and micro scale in terms of physical experiment but must use such experiment which connects mental machinae to technology, tuche as the root indicating touching upon the subject:syllepsis, in fact: creating the subject.
The following inventions and interventions source motion sensor drawing which build a kind of Cyclopean Arch structure building the virtuality of material to mental associations of drawing inroads on morphogenic ephemera in which the mark, the particle translates and interacts with themes of the self mapping, or torus of conceiving form topological to material associations of usage, intersection, opposition and union of rhizome and trope discovered to the syllepsis of the cyber loop and its translations of nature, neurological model of semiotics, and dialectic according to the transgression and contingency of time as heuristic, labyrinthin and monumental, space as object driven, dialectic, and recoil at the removes of diverse flavors of virtuality and its extensions towards a potential neo structuralism of philosophy.
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